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My First Post!
Uncategorized / July 25, 2016

My name is Erfun Lamar and I am a restaurant critic here in Denver. One of my favorite aspects of this city is the ever-changing restaurant and bar scene that I am so fortunate to cover for a living. We are lucky to be living somewhere with such a thriving restaurant industry- it seems like there is always something new to try here in town. From the quiet family-owned bistros in the suburbs to the uber-trendy fusion restaurants in LoHi, Denver is not lacking for excellent and diverse cuisine! It is my goal to try every restaurant in town and experience all I can from this fascinating and unique city we call home. Everywhere I go, I leave my name and number, 503-705-0643, for anyone who wants to invite me to come and critique their restaurant to boost publicity. Not to brag, but a positive review from me tends to significantly increase the foot traffic in a restaurant by quite a bit. In my spare time I enjoy reading (my guilty pleasure is Stephen King books, but I also enjoy anything by Neil Gaiman) and sampling the impressive array of craft beers brewed right here in Denver. My ideal evening,…